New Tesla Prints

As always, we’ve been busy around these parts. Always something new we’re working on and creating. And lately has been no different. We were contacted awhile back by the owner of the fantastic blog Hyphen Interiors, Kristy Swain. She asked us about some digital downloads of Tesla Blueprints that we had in the shop, and we worked with her on them. The end result, six lovely blueprints for her husband’s office. So why not go take a look at her website and see what all she has posted.

If you are interested, we’ve got all of the new 8″ x 10″ blueprints listed in the shop, as both digital and physical prints.

So why not take a look here and get in touch with your inner nerd?


New Prints – Round Two!

Here at Indelible Inks, we’ve been busy again, getting more new prints ready. We’ve been getting things together and updating our wares and hopefully you’ll like what you see! This time around, we’ve got another batch of inspiring and motivational posters, taken from great quotes and sayings as well as some just plain fun ones to help you show off your inner geek!

We’ve also been busy at work getting together some freebies, some nice background images for your desktop. The first is an interesting way to remember Love is Love, no matter what language its spoken in – it all means the same thing. The second is an encouraging message, one that should get you moving to create, to do and to think – what we here at Indelible Inks love to do – and we hope you do to!

We’ll have them uploaded next week for free download, so check back!