Who doesn’t love a good book?

I know that everyone around here can’t refuse a good book, we’re always getting ourselves lost in one – if not two or three. But we do love a good book. And like I said last time, we’ve been busy. So when we got contacted by an author, Nate Payne, to do the cover for his book, we couldn’t help but accept.

Living in a floating city among the clouds wasn’t the strangest part of Lucius Quinn’s life. Neither was being recruited by a band of rebels to thwart a groundbreaking but dangerous new invention. For a mercenary posing as a private investigator, such mediocre thrills paled in comparison to the adventure that awaited him now.

So why not check out this thrilling tale and take a look, or head on over to the shop and see some of our other designs?


New Prints – Round Two!

Here at Indelible Inks, we’ve been busy again, getting more new prints ready. We’ve been getting things together and updating our wares and hopefully you’ll like what you see! This time around, we’ve got another batch of inspiring and motivational posters, taken from great quotes and sayings as well as some just plain fun ones to help you show off your inner geek!

We’ve also been busy at work getting together some freebies, some nice background images for your desktop. The first is an interesting way to remember Love is Love, no matter what language its spoken in – it all means the same thing. The second is an encouraging message, one that should get you moving to create, to do and to think – what we here at Indelible Inks love to do – and we hope you do to!

We’ll have them uploaded next week for free download, so check back!