New and Educated Releases!

We’ve been busy around these parts – and we’ve got plenty of prints ready to go, fresh off the presses!

We’re going old fashion here with some lovely 13×19″ Alphabet Prints with a nice throw back style to the golden days. Take a look at some of the creatures that you may see today – like L is for Lemur and O is for Octopus – or wander back in time and explore the creatures of a by gone era, where A is for Ankylosaurus and T is for the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!

For those looking to grab several of our 13×19″ Retro Travel Posters, we’re offering a special deal – buy any three and get one free! So even if you plan on traveling across the stars to Pluto and then coming back to Easter Island, it could all happen and more – mix and match and come up with the adventure that you want!

And for all of those science buffs out there – or just those with a sense of humor – we’ve got some fun Science-themed prints to help you remember all of the universe’s many little laws and rules, however arbitrary they may seem at times…

All of these prints and more are now available in Shop!


Its a Mysterious World…

The Lost World, the land that was buried under time and forgotten to Modern Civilization. Those lost ruins, the forgotten peoples, and all that they were have remained a mystery throughout time.

Those that we may know and are still a part of our cultures, such as Stonehenge and Easter Island to the lost and forgotten, like Shangri La and El Dorado. We’ll see what we can’t discover among the ruins and remains and turn back the clock to a long lost time.

We’ve got our archaeology packs ready and we’re very excited to announce a new line of posters and prints coming out as we head back to earth. We’ll head out to the stars still and see what they may offer, but Earth has mysteries of her own to discover.

So grab a shovel or maybe a pick-ax and get ready to take a trip back in time and see the world that was forgotten!

We’ll be releasing the Lost World Series of Posters, all printed up on high, quality 13×19 glossy paper. Wave one is out now, so be sure to check back to see more as we release them! You can find all the new Lost World Posters as well as all our other great designs in our shop.

New Motivational and Geeky Prints Now Available!

We’ve got another update finished up and listed, and this time there are plenty of prints for everyone!

First up, we’ve got some fun new motivational prints, perfect for getting you started in the morning – and some to help remind you to end the day right!

Go Out on a Limb - 8x10 Print

Love You to the Moon and Back - 8x10 Print
We decided to add something for the non-coffee drinkers out there – which, rumor has it, exist! Perfect for those who don’t think that Coffee is there Cup of Tea.

Coffee is not My Cup of Tea - 8x8 Print

We also have some prints for those who want to let the world know that they are indeed geeks – and proud of it! And why not, it truly is the age of the Geek, so let your allegiance be known!

Nerd and Proud of It - 8x8 Print

All these prints are now available in our online store!

More Retro Sci-fi Goodness!

Oh yes, we’ve been busy around here, getting together another wave of greatness! The wait has been a while, but we now are releasing wave two in the Retro Sci-fi Travel Posters, this time, we’ll be exploring the outer reaches of our beloved Solar System and see what the rest of the planets have to offer! So strap into your Rocket, grab your patented Doctor Lioniser’s Proton Pulse Blaster and get ready for an adventure of a life time!

Explore our two biggest planets – and one of their moons, Jupiter, Saturn and her moon, Titan, see just what is beneath the dense clouds and descend into their murky depths…

After that, go see Neptune, a beautiful world covered in cool, clear water. But it’s real treasures lay beneath the surface, so be sure to grab your scuba gear and get ready for a submarine tour!

Our next two worlds, Uranus and Pluto, the eighth and ninth planets in the solar system – yes, you heard us right. Cold, Chilly and just about freezing, explore their icy peaks and be back to the cabin in time for a nice warm beverage with a friend or two!

Poor Uranus, its just the butt of everyone’s jokes… We couldn’t help but make a special edition of the Uranus Poster, just for a good laugh or two. These special posters will be made available as well, but are limited edition – so get them while they last!

And at the end of the day, why not return home – or perhaps, the home of the future that is. Come see New Earth in all its glory, Humanity’s Shining Beacon guiding you back home to where it all started. So go out there and enjoy your travels and be secure in the knowledge that you can always come home to somewhere familiar – and remember to grab a poster or two while your out there, a memento of your travels!

All of the New Prints are now available in the Etsy Shop, so go ahead and check them out!

Fresh Typography!

We’ve got another big update here at Indelible Ink Workshop, once more we’ll be releasing another wave of Typographical Prints! We’ve got plenty to choose from this time around, plenty that we’re sure you’ll love!

We’ve also got another round on the near horizon – more retro science fiction posters are on the way! Something tells us that we’ll be exploring the outer parts of the solar system soon and see what else is out there…

But till we get out past the asteroid belt and see what the deeper realms of outer space have in store for us, we’ve got a large number of motivation and inspirational typography coming out this week – so be sure to stop by the Etsy Shop and check out all the new releases!

New Products and New Shop!

Here at Indelible Ink Workshop, we’ve been pretty busy over that past while. We’ve been working on new things and branching out and into other areas of products as well. We’ll still bring you great prints and designs – that is be expected! There are still plenty more of those in the works and coming down the pipelines fast!

First off – we’re releasing the awaited 13×19 prints! The first batch is of the Solar System, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, The Moon, and Mars! Printed on large, high quality, glossy paper, we’re sure that you’ll love them!

You can now get our designs on T-shirts! We’ve even got our prints to show your appreciation for coffee on coffee mugs, so now you can show your devotion while drinking the beverage of choice!

We’ll continuously update the shop and more products will be coming out soon, so remember to check back often and see what is in the works. You can find our designs here, in our new Cafe Press shop, so go check them out!