New and Educated Releases!

We’ve been busy around these parts – and we’ve got plenty of prints ready to go, fresh off the presses!

We’re going old fashion here with some lovely 13×19″ Alphabet Prints with a nice throw back style to the golden days. Take a look at some of the creatures that you may see today – like L is for Lemur and O is for Octopus – or wander back in time and explore the creatures of a by gone era, where A is for Ankylosaurus and T is for the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!

For those looking to grab several of our 13×19″ Retro Travel Posters, we’re offering a special deal – buy any three and get one free! So even if you plan on traveling across the stars to Pluto and then coming back to Easter Island, it could all happen and more – mix and match and come up with the adventure that you want!

And for all of those science buffs out there – or just those with a sense of humor – we’ve got some fun Science-themed prints to help you remember all of the universe’s many little laws and rules, however arbitrary they may seem at times…

All of these prints and more are now available in Shop!


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