New Products and New Shop!

Here at Indelible Ink Workshop, we’ve been pretty busy over that past while. We’ve been working on new things and branching out and into other areas of products as well. We’ll still bring you great prints and designs – that is be expected! There are still plenty more of those in the works and coming down the pipelines fast!

First off – we’re releasing the awaited 13×19 prints! The first batch is of the Solar System, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, The Moon, and Mars! Printed on large, high quality, glossy paper, we’re sure that you’ll love them!

You can now get our designs on T-shirts! We’ve even got our prints to show your appreciation for coffee on coffee mugs, so now you can show your devotion while drinking the beverage of choice!

We’ll continuously update the shop and more products will be coming out soon, so remember to check back often and see what is in the works. You can find our designs here, in our new Cafe Press shop, so go check them out!


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