The Internet, Art, and the Freedonian Market

It’s an interesting thought, how the world has become so connected in the past one hundred years, how the social networks and internet have both completely revolutionized the way we as humans interact, how we deal with each other, and how we communicate our thoughts and ideas. They have their perks and drawbacks to be sure, but for the time being both appear to be staying right where they are – if not growing substantially. They have invariably tied us all together, weaving quite a literal web about us – and yes, there may have been just a little pun intended. They have brought us together, all across the globe, as a whole, more than ever before.

For the first time ever we’ve been able to have nearly instantaneous communication with anyone, anywhere. We’ve never had the luxury of debating the price of eggs in China and actually being able to simultaneously find out just how much they really are, proving you right (or wrong) instantly. There are, without a doubt, a number of far more useful applications for the internet, such as research, medical advice, educational purposes, online dictionaries and reference material comprising hundreds of thousands of man hours, and humor all clearly being toward the top of the list – things for which it was clearly designed for.

With the communal web way that we’ve seemed to have woven, we’ve been tied together – for better or worse. Things that impact one country won’t long be overlooked, what affects one nation will soon ripple across the web and alert us all, like a fly hitting a spider’s web, sending out those thrumming vibrations that will soon attract the masses. And it doesn’t take long for something to become a literal overnight success, attaining instant stardom in the blink of an eye. What took years or decades before can happen in the blink of an eye.

Its true, that to an extent, our economies, as with ourselves, have been tied together. We’ve truly become a global market. When one country hurts, its likely others will feel the effects soon enough. And when the market crashes in Freedonia, you can bet top dollar that the people of Sylvania will soon hear about it and react accordingly – in no small part due to the internet. It doesn’t really matter if they are next door neighbors or thousands of miles apart when the internet is involved.

As our economies and lives have been linked inexplicably together, so to have our hobbies with them, our interests and our crafts. And this can be a truly great thing where art is concerned, tapping into the vast creative potential offered up and the talents and know how of some very skilled, very creative people. Some of it can get lost in the shuffle to be true, but every little bit does help in the end. Tutorials, examples, concepts, ideas, techniques, tools. There are a lot of good uses out there. And just like any tool, the internet can be used in hundreds of ways.

But right now the world has entered a time when funding is in short order, a time of economic recession. During these times, things can get tight and very difficult. People are starting to be more frugal, looking how they budget, how they spend their money and to what ends it goes to. And this doesn’t just affect one nation – its spread out to us all. While we’ve been bound together for better or worse, we’ve also been tied together for richer or poorer. Thankfully it’s usually around this time when people start looking into other methods of doing things, more hands on and artistic approaches.

It’s a good feeling when you can step back and see something that you’ve made, whether your creation is for many people or simply something that you made for your own enjoyment. It’s during times like this when people need art to brighten up their lives, to bring a smile and spark creativity. If we can go that extra mile to put that one extra little embellishment in our project, it usually brings a smile to our faces and another idea with it. By putting just a little more effort into our project, we can have that effect, that inspiration for the next project before this one is even finished. On top of making things a bit more interesting for our daily humdrum, art is also a great release. It offers us a creative outlet, an activity to get our mind off the daily things that drive us mad. A blank piece of paper can be a great therapy, one with limitless potential. And sometimes all we really want to do is get our hands dirty and do something worthwhile.

Right now, all across the world, people are looking back into different techniques, more hands on approaches. The saying is true, fortune favors the brave – and especially right now. We just have to try, but more importantly, keep trying. It’s fine and dandy to try, and fail once, then walk away, but to keep trying is really the challenge.
What you do doesn’t have to be much, it doesn’t have to be big either. You just need to keep doing what you love to do and make it work for you.


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