New Prints Sneak-Peek!

We’ve got a quick sneak-peak at some great new prints coming out soon. We’ve been busy again – just the way we here at Indelible Inks like it! Five new prints will be ready for the store and should be up this time next week!

We’ve got prints to help you find Inner Peace – or at least help along the journey as a simple reminder, peace comes from within. Along with that, we’ve also got another four following about Fear, Love, and a few from the greats – Professor Einstein and Groucho Marx! Both are rather insightful, one telling us to take each day at a time and that we are ultimately in control of how our day goes. The other is to help remember each of us has our own talents and not to judge everyone by the same ruler.

These prints will be available in our shop soon. We’ll be updating more and have new posts up soon as well, so remember to check back often!

If you have any comments or suggestions, let us know by leaving a comment or emailing us directly. Till next time, get out there and do, make and most importantly – enjoy!


Of Great Art and Boat Anchors

What exactly defines great art? what sets apart the average from the
extraordinary? After all, aren’t we all using the same materials and by and large,
the same techniques? There are hundreds of different kinds of papers, pencils,
pens, paintbrushes, canvases, oils, inks, cameras, chisels, and hammers. And
there are a hundred different brands for each kind on top of that. And when
Digital Art comes into the picture, that opens up a whole new avenue of
discussion. The combinations of materials coupled with the sheer limitless
volume of techniques means that no matter what, no two works will ever be alike
– as no two artists and their definitions of art either.
If you were to set down a hundred people, trained or untrained, professional or
armature give them all the materials and an example of a painting, say Starry
Night. You would get a hundred more starry paintings, but rest assured, no two of
them would ever look the same as the original. Each would be slightly different,
if not ever so slightly, then most certainly a divergence from the original and
into the boldly different and extraordinary. It is often better to break from the
norm and try something new after all, to dabble and experiment with things,
seeing if anything catches your attention.
Every painter has their own stroke, their own mixes, their own ideas of what
works and what doesn’t. Every photographer knows what he or she likes, what
angles work the best for their camera, what lighting is ideal for their
subjects, and with out a doubt, which cameras work for them and which they think
would much rather make a good boat anchor instead. And no, they aren’t trying to
take any underwater photos. When you add in film or digital, that brings up a
whole new debate and another series of questions.
Regardless of what medium you use or work with, each of us will have their own
style – and that is a good thing. If each of us didn’t, art would not be art at
all. Art is one of those tricky topics that defies subjective titles and
definitions, one that is what we make of it. To one person, “art” might be fifty
foot tall, metal sculptures weighing in this side of a battle tank – while those
same sculptures to another person would again, make good boat anchors.
And it is true, most anything can be turned into art, proving that you can find
beauty just about anywhere. Piles of what some would call garbage might be just
what someone else is looking for to use on their next metal sculpture.
Some of us find ourselves most pleased with pens and pencils, sketching and
illustrating our thoughts on paper. Some of us are more at home with chisels and
picks in our hands, carving out what they see in their minds or bringing their
creations to life with clays and putties. Paints and brushes fit others, filling
up their canvas and breathing life into their creations through their own
outlet. However you choose to open up your creative side, let the drain open and
run free. That is something you’ll be able to do when you pick up the right tool
and feel the energy flow through it, you’ll know it when you’ve found it. It may
take a few times – maybe a whole life time – but you’ll know it.
There are just a few things to remember when you’re about to go out on one of
the limbs of art, off to explore another branch and see what you can do and what
you can create. You should always do what you think you should in art, it is
what you make of it. And if you just so happen to like metal sculptures, then by
all means go for it – I know there are a ton of people out there just waiting to
see your work, you just have to find them and show them. Not all of
those sculptures are anchors after all. And while it’s a great idea to draw inspiration from others, you still always should put your own spin on things, never out-and-out
taking their work for your own. Go out and be original, experiment and try things. But most importantly, put your heart into your work and you will surely be rewarded. After all, that is how you get great art, when you put your heart and soul into your work – your passion will surely show.

Back to Basics…

Here at Indelible Ink Workshop, we get a certain kind of excitement from a blank sheet of paper. There is a certain kind of energy in a fresh start, a new project, trying to figure out what will fill in that blank, white void. And the real fun is when that pen touches down and that first thin black line shows up, leading you off down a path of inspiration and creativity.
And there has been a certain thrum of energy lately. Not just here around the workshop, but in general. There has been a hum, noticeable if you pay attention and listen. It comes from our projects before us, our creations and ideas, but also in seeing what other people are working on out there in the big wide open world. There has been a certain air as of late, a creative buzz that gets people energized to make and to do again.
It comes for us when we see what everyone is making, what everyone is creating and when people just do what they love to do. We get inspired, we get moving, we get to doing again.

Its come before, in the past – several times actually, when people realize how much joy there is in the arts and crafts. When we remember what its like to get our hands dirty again and pick up our pens and pencils, our brushes and pull out those blank canvases or pieces of parchment we’ve been storing up for the right project. We learn of that certain sensation when we’re young, when we first got our fingers dirty in paint or when we were given our first set of sidewalk chalk. And electricity started to fly when we put that chalk down against the walkway, drawing those bright, powdery pastel lines across the black nothingness and making worlds all of our own design. Even if we had to explain what it was to those who actually couldn’t see it, we could and we knew what it was. And there was always a certain happiness, a certain joy in seeing our artwork boldly displayed on the fridge for all to see, as if some Parisian Galla for all guests of our abode. That is where some of us got our start and that is where some of us remained, refining our work and turning it into true masterpieces.

There is certainly a joy and passion when we get into our work and you can honestly tell when someone enjoys what they are working on, when they put all they have into their project. It shows in the craftsmanship and creativity of it, when they come up with their own methods and ideas on creation and when they reveal their finished product with a grin for the world to see. In turn, that energy drives the next person as one gear pushes the others forward. It’s a vicious cycle of creativity, when someone creates, every else soon follows. Afterall, as one good idea deserves another – one good creation deserves another.

Right now there appears to be a certain resurgence of Arts and Crafts once more. It comes in tides, when we return to our roots and remember what its like. Whether that’s just going back to the basics or using a printing press instead of a printer, hammering out the leather by hand or carving out something from a block of wood, it’s a return to our roots, where our crafts originally came from and when we go back to the tried and true methods we know and love. It comes when we put aside the mass-produced pieces and pour everything we have into that single piece of work, forgetting about everything else and concentrating solely on the task at hand, when we put aside the machines and assembly lines and make with our hands.

But that doesn’t mean that we should shun technology – after all, the internet is the collected knowledge of everyone here on Terra Firma – for good or bad, its true.
We can use it as a source of inspiration, a place to teach and a place to learn, a tool to connect to others and show them what we’re doing, what we’re making – and hopefully inspire them to continue what they were already doing and loving. So with that, we may just be able to have the best Arts and Crafts resurgence yet, this time we’ll be able to connect to a much larger group, creating an even bigger buzz and even more excitement to create, to do and to make things like never before.

Here at Indelible Ink Workshop, we try to do just that and add that little extra something to our work – and lives really. To take just a little extra longer to make things that much the more special, to add that extra flourish or add a little extra detail to everything that we do, in all aspects and walks of life. We like living like who we are, we like creating things we’d like to see, we like doing what we do. It’s who we are – and if we’re not, who will be?

It doesn’t really matter what you do or how you do it – just do it how you do it. Just Create, just be yourself and do what you like to do in life – you get one shot at it, so you might as well spend it doing what you like to do. So Create, Be Bold, and don’t worry, sometimes its fun to be a little eccentric in life and to stop and smell the roses. Their looking very pretty this year.

We’ve also got some free desktop wallpapers as promised. We hope that these help to motivate you and get you moving on to do those things that you love to do!














New Prints – Round Two!

Here at Indelible Inks, we’ve been busy again, getting more new prints ready. We’ve been getting things together and updating our wares and hopefully you’ll like what you see! This time around, we’ve got another batch of inspiring and motivational posters, taken from great quotes and sayings as well as some just plain fun ones to help you show off your inner geek!

We’ve also been busy at work getting together some freebies, some nice background images for your desktop. The first is an interesting way to remember Love is Love, no matter what language its spoken in – it all means the same thing. The second is an encouraging message, one that should get you moving to create, to do and to think – what we here at Indelible Inks love to do – and we hope you do to!

We’ll have them uploaded next week for free download, so check back!

New Prints – Now Available!

We’ve been busy here at Indelible Inks, working on some new designs and getting things ready for another round of motivational and inspiring prints. This time we’ve got another six designs coming out, all typographical and perfect for framing and hanging as wall art. These are the first of many inspiration and motivating posters and several more are soon to follow!

Some designs come either Horizontal or Vertical, as well as in varying Color Palettes to allow for more customization, to fit a wider range of decor and so that you can pick the your perfect print. We try to pick inspiring, motivating, fun and up-beat quotes to help as a reminder to live life to the fullest, to enjoy each day and to get you moving – and sometimes maybe you just like to show off your Nerd-Side!

We’ve got many more designs in the works and several more products coming out in the following weeks and months, so be sure to check back often to see what’s in the works and for sneak peeks! If you’d like to leave an inquiry or comment, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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